Tips For Selecting Talent Applicant By Phone Interview


Screening a candidate by telephone interview is one of the most effective and economical recruiting methods. If you know how to maximize the effectiveness of this method, you will easily recruit talent applicant to the company.

These 5 tips below you can consult to recruit more talent for your company.

Screening a candidate by telephone interview is one of the most effective and economical recruiting methods

  1. Determine the motivation for job search

Before calling a candidate, you need to find out what motivates them. Why are candidates seeking a career opportunity? Want to advance in your career? Want to look for opportunities to develop in a more dynamic field? The “Career Objective” in their application can help you find this information.

In addition, you need to understand the position of the “segment” job to find the most suitable candidate. You can divide the candidates into specific “segments” such as: work location, desired salary, rank, etc. Each “segment” has different properties, so you need to think of the next way. This is a good place to attract talent in each of these segments.

  1. Highlight the appeal of the job

Many candidates are passive in search of new job opportunities. Especially when they do not know who you are, they will not want to spend time listening to you, even they ready to discuss with you.

Therefore, you need to be able to stimulate curiosity at the candidate for the attractive opportunities of the job placement. If the candidate is interested, you will invite the candidate to participate in a live interview, so that you will be able to convince this person to work with your company. If the candidates are not interested, you can still recommend them to recommend other candidates more suitable.

You need to know how to ask questions to attract candidates, such as “Do you intend to find a job that is better than your current job?” You need to “open” with the candidate much attractive new things in this job. For example, the new position has a better salary package than comparable positions in the current job market.

It is important that you know how to introduce the position of the recruiting is lively and attractive. Many candidates do not intend to find a new job, so they only continue to chat with you if they feel like the new opportunity you bring to them.

  1. Get as much information in as little time as possible

When contacting applicants, especially those who do not know in advance, you will call them, you need to get as much information as possible from the first call. This will help you decide if the candidate is suitable for the position. Otherwise you will lose time for talking to candidates who are not qualified enough.

Oftentimes, uninvited candidates often do not want to talk extensively with the prospective employers calling them. So, you should emphasize the attractive and engaging elements of the new job from the very first minute so that the candidate knows that this is a great opportunity to catch up immediately.

Get as much information in as little time as possible

  1. Understand the true value of the candidate

You need to identify the candidate who has experience and skills that meet the requirements of the position.

So if you do not know if the requirements of the position are suitable for the candidate’s career goal, do not call the candidate for a fee. In addition, only employers who understand how job requirements relate to the candidate, they are confident in conveying that opportunity to the candidate.

  1. Expand relationship

You should actively create good relationships with good candidates to expand your contact network with other candidates. You may find it a little “strange” to have the patience to suggest that the candidate introduce someone more suitable for the position when the candidate refused the opportunity to work with your company from first contact by phone. But this is a way to help you expand your potential and “fill in a gap” when an employee leaves. Good candidates do not intend to introduce others unless they understand that their passion and true interest are not relevant to the position you are seeking.

Overall, every call is an opportunity to attract talent. Take full advantage of this traditional approach. Not only can you select the right candidate, you can also expand your contact network with other candidates to have a talent force for the company when there is a recruitment need.

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